THE longest bridge in Spain can be found in Cadiz, and it goes by the name of the Constitution of 1812 Bridge, or simply the Pepa Bridge.

This colossal structure stretches a remarkable five kilometres, linking Cadiz with Puerto Real, with over three kilometres of it extending over the waters of the Bay of Cadiz.

Its two pylons reach a towering height of 187 metres, solidifying its position not only as Spain’s longest bridge but also as one of its tallest.

Spanning a width of 36 metres, this standout construction features a highway with two lanes in each direction for vehicles and an additional lane reserved for public transportation.

Standout Construction: Cadiz Boasts Spain's Longest Bridge
Standout Construction: Constitution of 1812 Bridge, Cadiz.

Construction on the Pepa Bridge began in 2008, a massive undertaking that required a whopping 100,000 cubic metres of concrete and weighed in at a staggering 70,000 tons.

The visionary engineer behind this project was Javier Manterola and the Constitution of 1812 Bridge was officially opened to the public in 2015.

At that time, data from the Ministry of Public Works proudly proclaimed it as the second-largest cable-stayed bridge globally. It boasts an impressive clearance of 69 metres between its lower part and the water’s surface.

This record-breaking structure isn’t just a source of local pride; it surpasses Spain’s other notable bridges, like the Engineer Carlos Fernandez Casado Bridge in Leon and the Rande Bridge in Pontevedra, in terms of span.

To add to its prestige, the Pepa Bridge’s five-kilometre length outshines renowned American bridges, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (2.7 kilometres) and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York (1.8 kilometres).


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