17 Oct, 2023 @ 15:45
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EU flag taken down in Spain’s Valencia over Israel’s revenge Gaza attacks ‘sanctioned’ by European Commission

EU flag taken down from Valencia area town hall in Spain over Israel's revenge Gaza attacks 'sanctioned' by European Commission
Image by Ralph from Pixabay

A GANDIA area town has removed the European Union flag from the town hall in protest against the European Commission’s stance in supporting Israeli revenge attacks against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

The mayor of Potries, Sergi Vidal, says the gesture is ‘not much’ but it is a ‘lot at the same time’.

The council is led by the far-left regional Compromis party with Vidal believing that the European Commission is giving too much support to Israel’s reprisals while forgetting to ‘protect the Palestinian people’.


“We know that we are not going to change much in a town of 1,000 people but it is important that there are institutions that speak with another voice,” said Vidal, 27, who became one of the youngest mayors in the La Safor region in May.

The EU flag will be restored to its pole outside the town hall ‘once the European Commission rectifies its position regarding the conflict’.

A mayoral decree published by Vidal refers to the ‘numerous killings of civilians that are taking place’ and urges to ‘show rejection of any attack in the territories of Israel and Palestine’ and demands ‘a peaceful resolution of the conflict based on the international peace agreements of recent decades’.

“We must condemn all war attacks, including those by Hamas; but above all to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are being killed and invaded now and for decades by Israel,” he added.


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