GOURMET cheese lovers based on the Costa del Sol are in for a treat this month.

The ‘Feria del Queso Popi Sabor a Malaga’ is once again coming to the city of Estepona.

The four-day event is a government sponsored fair featuring the popular Spanish ham cutter Jose Maria Tellez ‘Popi’.

It will feature more than 30 different producers who will display their gourmet cheeses and other milk products.

Visitors will also be able to savour wine, oil, nuts, olives, pates and pickles from the Malaga area and further afield.

The ninth edition of the gastronomic event at Terraza street in Estepona from December 14-17 promises to be a real feast for the senses.

It will feature cheeses of great quality and variety from 11am to 9pm during those four days, and all just in time for Christmas.

Spain has a wide variety of cheeses made from cow, sheep and goat milk, each with their own unique flavours.

Traditional family methods differ in the fermentation, curing and maturation of the cheeses at key stages, influencing the final result.

Some cheeses are left to age for months or even years, while others have a fresher, softer taste.


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