LIKE many other Spanish cities, Marbella is soon to get its own ZBE, or low-emissions zone, which will be implemented in a bid to reduce the use of cars and lower pollution. 

The measure was approved by Marbella City Hall back on October 10, and will apply to the historical quarters in Marbella and San Pedro Alcantara. 

Vehicles that have environmental badges in the categories B and C, i.e. low-polluting petrol or diesel cars, and ECO (hybrid) or CERO (electric) vehicles, will be allowed to circulate in these areas. 

Any other vehicles will face fines, but to begin with these will not be levied, with the authorities simply informing infractors that they have broken the rules. 

Marbella Photo Property House Prices Story Wikimedia Commons
The old town in Marbella, which is to get a ZBE traffic-calming system.

According to Malaga Hoy, these are the streets in Marbella that will be affected by the ZBE.

Ramón y Cajal Avenue in the section between Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and Huerta Chica Streets, both included; Tetuán, Castillejos, Jacinto Benavente in the section that runs parallel to the Central Market car park, Avenida del Mercado, Peral, Ancha, Chorrón, Lobatas, Príncipe, Portada, Escuela, Plazuela de San Bernabé, Plaza del Castillo, Trinidad, Salinas, Arte, Nabeul, Juan Alameda, Postigos, Francisco García Parra, Atarazanas and Salvador Rueda. In the Barrio Alto area, meanwhile, the ZBE will be in place for Plaza Santo Cristo, Aduar, San Francisco, San Diego, Leganitos, Plaza de Leganitos and Alcantarilla.

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