PLANS to set up energy storage batteries at the North Mole Power Station could prevent future power cuts in Gibraltar.

The ten new prefabricated containers would be installed south of the power station that would provide electricity to homes in the event of a generator failure.

They would replace the current system of back-up diesel generators and have zero emissions and no extra fuel costs.

GibElec CEO Michael Caetano told GBC last month the battery system would be installed throughout the next year.

Plans have yet to be approved by the Gibraltar’s Planning and Development Commission.

They would allow for surplus energy to be stored in them rather than go to waste, the planning statement said.

This move could make a positive impact on electricity generation for Gibraltar as a whole, it added.

Designed by GCA architects, the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) would make Gibraltar’s electricity distribution much like those of larger nations.

It will include control components for charging and discharging the batteries and allow the the batteries to regulate the flow of electricity.

BESS systems are often used in renewable energy resources to store electricity.


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