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Mercadona’s new biscuits which resemble a hugely popular Australian treat go viral – as TikToker reveals ‘trick’ to eating them

SPANISH TikTokers are going wild over Mercadona’s imitation of Tim Tams, the beloved Australian biscuits known for their unique eating method: the Tim Tam Slam.

The biscuits are also sold in the US and are made by the Arnott’s company. 

Tim Tams are essentially two chocolate-covered wafers separated by a creamy chocolate filling, though numerous flavours exist, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate mint, salted caramel, and coconut cream. 

Mercadona’s imitation Tim Tams cost €1.60 and are labelled as “Choco.” 

As Spanish foodie TikToker silvia_fatfood demonstrates in her video, the “correct” way to eat the imitation Tim Tams is by using them as a straw. 

Mercadona’s new “Choco” biscuits are suspiciously similar to Tim Tams, the beloved Australian snack known for their unique eating method.

You bite off opposite corners of the biscuit, allowing airflow through the cream-filled centre. 

Then, you dunk one end into a glass of something, preferably milk (or maybe hot chocolate), and drink as if the biscuit were a straw. 

Once the outer wafers and chocolate filling become soft, you retire the chocolatey straw and let the now-milk-soaked biscuit melt in your mouth. 

“You have to bite one corner and then the other, prepare a glass of milk and you absorb the milk as if it were a straw,” she says in the video. 

“Then the inside of the biscuit soaks and gets a little softer, and now you eat it.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the Spanish grocery giant has imitated a classic biscuit brand. 

Also available are tins of Danish butter biscuits that look suspiciously similar to the Royal Dansk brand. 

Mercadona’s version comes in blue metal tins that are strikingly similar to the original, though these are stamped with Mercadona’s Hacendado brand. 

Also available are the Mercadona answer to Principe — a famous chocolate-filled biscuit adored by Spanish children. 

Mercadona’s are called Rebuenas and cost a fraction of the price of the originals. 


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