Friday, March 5, 2021
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Mary Biles' Guiri Eye View

Keep cool and carry on

OP blogger Mary Biles shares her top five tips on keeping cool in Sevilla this summer

What’s your story? Flamenco glory

Each person has their own unique series of events that have transformed their dream of living in Andalucia into a real life Spanish odyssey

Sevilla’s indomitable spirit

Right now Sevilla, Andalucia and Spain at large is a place where you can feel the civil unrest bubbling underneath the surface

Death in the afternoon

I am a horse lover. I always have been. In fact you can include donkeys in that, I’d add mules too, but I don’t know them so well, writes OP blogger Mary Biles

Equine outcasts teach us a thing or two

My life was fairly standard before moving to Seville... writes OP blogger Mary Biles

It’s as simple as taking a shower

Are you a die hard consumer? What are the deal breakers in your life that you couldn´t live without?

To be or not to be a Guiri, that is the question

My name is Mary and I am a Guiri. There, I´ve said it now, it´s out there in the open, but it´s something I´ve been fighting for the last two and half years