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Woman bequeaths millions to protect endangered cat
23 Feb, 2010 @ 15:09

In a big flap!

Couple return home to find a rare Griffon vulture on their bed, while second family find another on balcony
11 Nov, 2009 @ 15:31

Agave a day…

… helps us work, rest and play claims prickly BOB MADDOX, who takes a peek at one of Andalucía’s most iconic plants
30 Jul, 2008 @ 12:09

The dehesas of Extremadura

The size of Switzerland, the region of Extremadura is home to farmland unique to Spain and endangered animals such as the lynx and imperial eagle
25 Oct, 2007 @ 13:36

The goats of Spain

The wild mountain goats frequently found in herds across the mountain ranges of Andalucia are Spanish Ibex
11 Oct, 2007 @ 10:12

Bare facts on Spain’s bears

Listed in the Spanish Catalogue of Endangered Species as being in danger of extinction, the Cantabrian brown bear’s existence in Spain is not widely known
13 Sep, 2007 @ 09:30

Incey Wincey spider

Clive Muir and Sue Eatock go peering under rocks and stones to tell us all about the only protected spider in the EU – the
2 Aug, 2007 @ 09:27

Beautiful… but beware

Clive Muir and Sue Eatock tell us hidden dangers lurk behind the beauty of the plant that lines Spain’s dry riverbeds and motorways – the
23 Jul, 2007 @ 10:48

Alien Nation

They came by night. They came by day. Silently slipping over borders, stealthily avoiding detection. Some came by boat, others by plane. Only a few
9 Apr, 2007 @ 10:50

Castles in the Sky

Autumn, a time of change in the Andaluz skies - when the eternal featureless blue of summer begins to give way and the first reliably
9 Nov, 2006 @ 06:53
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