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AFTER WILDFIRE: Spain’s Andalucia to receive 50 tonnes of feed for livestock on Sierra Bermeja farms

THE Junta has received 50 tonnes of feed for livestock to help farms cope with the aftermath of the Sierra Bermeja wildfire. According to Fernando...

A billion euros of government aid planned for industries worst hit by pandemic in Spain’s Valencia region

THE VALENCIAN Community is to receive a total of over a billion euros of pandemic aid from the Spanish government. The region will first get...

€11 billion fund to help pandemic-hit small businesses and self-employed announced by Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez

SMALL businesses and the self-employed are to receive an aid package of €11 billion. Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced the measure during a speech...

From Malaga to Beirut: Lebanese sibling duo collecting donations

LEBANESE siblings living in Malaga have reacted to the crisis their home country faces after the massive Beirut explosion by starting to fund raise. With...

Citizens in Malaga to benefit from rental subsidies due to economic crisis triggered by COVID-19

In Malaga, €6.4 million will be allocated and some 1,799 people will benefit.

Spain’s government announces aid plan for airlines in wake of coronavirus crisis

THE Spanish government has announced an aid plan for airlines in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Spain’s government plans to invest €150 billion in public funding as part of coronavirus recovery effort

THE Spanish government has announced that it intends to invest €150 billion as part of the coronavirus recovery effort.

Spain withdraws its request for help from NATO with regards to the coronavirus crisis

SPAIN has withdrawn its request for help from NATO with regards to the COVID-19 crisis.

Turkey becomes second NATO member to answer Spain’s call for help in fight against coronavirus

TURKEY has become the second NATO member to answer Spain’s call for aid in the fight against Covid-19.

Valencian government to provide financial aid to flood victims as estimates put damage at ‘€1.5 billion’ to the Costa...

THE catastrophic floods that swept through the Costa Blanca last week are expected to cost the region €1.5 billion. In a bid to provide financial...

Spanish officials ‘delayed’ British aid trucks destined for Hurricane hit Caribbean at Gibraltar border

SPANISH officials delayed trucks of British aid that was bound for the hurricane hit Caribbean at the Gibraltar border. According to The Sun, five truckloads of...

EU grants €10 million to fight immigration at Spain’s borders

Spain is bearing the brunt of immigration from Africa into Europe




Mission impossible: Drone rescue operation given green light to attempt to save three dogs trapped by lava in La...

A Spanish drone operator received permission on Tuesday to attempt to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped by lava flow near a volcano on the...


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