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Black Friday disruption as Bank of Spain wants answers over payment platform crash

THE BANK OF SPAIN is seeking clarification after pre-Black Friday problems with the country's Redsys payments network. The platform went down on Thursday with Bizum...

Firms in Spain see business volume nearly double in 2022, despite tensions in the economy

SPANISH companies nearly doubled their business volume in 2022 compared to the year before, thanks in large part to the energy sector.  This is despite...

First digital euro token to be tested under watchful eye of Bank of Spain

THE Bank of Spain will allow a digital euro token to be tested by Malaga-based payment gateway firm Monei. It will be the first use...

Spain’s Vueling Airlines becomes first European budget carrier to accept cryptocurrency

SPAIN'S Vueling Airlines will allow cryptocurrencies as payment for fares later this year. The low-cost carrier says it will be the first budget airline in...

Man in Spain’s Lugo province finds millions of pesetas hidden in old house but can’t exchange half of them

It’s the dream of anyone who is exploring an old house: finding wads of banknotes stuffed away in hiding places. That’s exactly what happened...

Interest rates are rising in Spain and Europe but, despite inflation, Euribor remains below 1%

THE Bank of Spain has confirmed that the 12-month Euribor closed July at a monthly average of 0.992%, compared to 0.852% in June. This continues...

Spain’s annual inflation rate falls more than expected due to lower fuel prices but food costs rise

SPAIN'S annual inflation rate dropped to 8.4% in April according to figures published on Thursday by the National Statistics Institute(INE). The 1.4% drop on the...

Food price rises take Spain’s inflation rate to levels not seen since 1992

RISING food and fuel prices have rocketed Spain's inflation rate to its highest figure an almost three decades. Inflation stands at 5.6% up by 0.2%...

Inflation rate in Spain soars back up to the days of the peseta

SPAIN'S inflation rate has soared to 5.5% due to steep energy price rises. Figures from the National Statistics Institute(INE) for October were 1.1% higher than...

Spaniards hoard €1.6billion of now worthless pesetas after missing deadline to exchange

THE Bank of Spain has revealed that the nation has lost a whopping €1.6billion in hoarded pesetas that were not exchanged before the final...

Bank of Spain estimates the economy will shrink by up to 13% this year due to coronavirus crisis

THE Bank of Spain has estimated that the economy will shrink by up to 13% this year.

Future is bright as Spain’s economy grows in line with expectations

As for the future, the Bank of Spain expects the country's economy to grow by 2.4% in 2018 and by 2.1% in 2019 and 2020.

Catalunya referendum could lead to recession, fears Bank of Spain

THE Catalan crisis could see Spain’s economic forecast slashed by 60%, bank chiefs have warned. Bank of Spain bosses also believe fears over independence for...

Spain’s richest 10% hold more than half the country’s wealth

New Bank of Spain figures show the wealthiest tenth of Spanish households hold 52.8% of the country’s wealth

Britain’s Brexit plans ‘potential threat’ to Spain’s economic progress

Bank of Spain is also concerned about upcomming European elections in France and Germany

Relative property values in Spain

Why do bank valuations differ from the buying price?

Bankia produced rigged accounts to sell stocks to investors

The state-owned lender Bankia presented error-strewn accounts during its corruption probe

Bank of Spain bursts into flames, with three injured in the blaze

Emergency services are fighting to bring the fire under control

Spain’s economy to grow by 1.2% this year, predicts central bank

The bank has forecast some economic recovery, but not enough to relieve unemployment rates

Spaniards are still the world’s most fervent homeowners, despite the crisis

Despite high unemployment and five-year housing crisis, Spain still has more homeowners than any other country

Record bad debt plagues Spanish banks

Bad debt reaches record high amid recovery predictions

Spanish village brings back peseta

Scheme aimed at boosting local economy with a third out of work

Overbuilding in Spain causes further drop in prices

‘We must learn from this lesson’, says Bank of Spain boss




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