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Costa Blanca mayor cleared of Covid-19 vaccine queue-jumping in Spain

CORRUPTION proceedings against La Nucia mayor, Bernabe Cano, who was accused of abusing his status to get an early Covid-19 vaccine, have been dismissed...

Court dismisses corruption charges against Covid-19 queue-jumping Costa Blanca mayoral couple in Spain

A Denia judge has junked bribery and corruption charges against a Costa Blanca mayoral couple who got an early Covid-19 vaccination in January 2021. Els...

Queue-jumping Costa Blanca mayor quits, 14 months after getting unauthorised Covid jab in Spain

ONE of three Alicante Province mayors who queue-jumped in January 2021 to get an unauthorised Covid-19 vaccine shot has been forced to resign. Ximo Coll...

Vaccine queue-jumping Costa Blanca mayors in Spain test positive for COVID-19

A Costa Blanca mayoral couple at the centre of a vaccine queue-jumping scandal are self-isolating after catching COVID-19 The PSOE mayors of El Verger and...

Costa Blanca mayor who got early COVID-19 vaccine jab in Spain may get 12-year top job ban

LA NUCIA'S mayor, Bernabe Cano, could be barred from holding his area's highest office for 12 years if convicted of COVID-19 vaccine queue jumping. Cano...

Costa Blanca mayor faces COVID-19 vaccine queue-jumping trial after judge in Spain throws out appeal

A Villajoyosa judge has rejected an appeal from a Costa Blanca mayor that there's not enough evidence for him to be prosecuted for illegally...

Costa Blanca mayors get court summons over COVID-19 vaccine queue-jumping incident in Spain

A Denia judge has summoned the mayors of El Verger and Els Poblets, Ximo Coll and Carolina Vives, to give evidence over COVID-19 vaccine...

Costa Blanca queue-jumping COVID-19 vaccine mayor set for bribery trial in Spain

A Villajoyosa judge says there's enough evidence to try La Nucia mayor, Bernabe Cano, for COVID-19 vaccine queue-jumping. The Partido Popular mayor got an injection...

‘Queue-jumping’ mayor tells Costa Blanca court that a doctor allowed him to get an early COVID-19 injection in Spain

A Costa Blanca mayor has appeared in court over COVID-19 vaccination 'queue-jumping' last January. Alicante's anti-corruption prosecutor accused La Nucia's mayor, Bernabe Cano, of an...

Vaccine ‘queue-jumping’ mayors on Costa Blanca face court hearing over abusing their power in Spain

A Denia judge has started a preliminary investigation into COVID-19 vaccine 'queue-jumping' by two PSOE mayors on the northern Costa Blanca. Ximo Coll(El Verger) and...





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