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EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION: PP candidate for mayor in Mojacar (Almeria) allegedly misused municipality funds to benefit his father’s business

PP candidate for mayor of Mojacar Francisco ‘Fran’ Garcia allegedly misused municipality funds to benefit his father's business Garcia is said to have bought over...

Spain’s Cepsa announces largest second generation biofuels plant in Europe to open in Andalucia

OIL company Cepsa has formed a joint venture to set up a large-scale biofuels plant in Andalucia. Cepsa and Bio-Oils, who process vegetable oils, have...

CEPSA hits back at protesters against controversial solar farm project in Ronda

Oil giant CEPSA has responded to concerns over its plan to install a massive solar farm near the Serrania de Ronda. It comes after dozens...

‘Unthinkable’: Ronda residents protest CEPSA plan for giant solar farm in Serrania de Ronda

Dozens of concerned Ronda residents made the journey to central Malaga to protest CEPSA’s plans for a massive solar farm in the Serrania de...

Green campaigners to protest against CEPSA solar project in central Malaga

Green campaigners will protest in central Malaga as oil giant CEPSA rolls ahead with its massive solar panel project for the Ronda area.  CEPSA is...

Cepsa will use recycled water to power new green hydrogen plant in Spain’s Andalucia

ENERGY giant Cepsa says a new green hydrogen plant to be built at the San Rogue Energy Park in Cadiz Province will be powered...

Repsol, BP and Cepsa under the spotlight of Spain’s antitrust watchdog 

SPAIN’S antitrust watchdog the CNMC is investigating oil companies Repsol, BP and Cepsa for possible anti-competitive practices in the energy industry.  Repsol, a multinational oil...

Energy giant Cepsa to transform 3,000 petrol stations in Spain under €8 billion ‘green plan’

SPANISH energy company Cepsa will spend €8 billion in a shift to using low-carbon energy sources by 2030. The plan is for half the firm's...

Environmentalists take action against San Roque pollution

Ecologists believe the Cepsa refinery is ‘emitting dangerous chemicals at night’

Energy evacuations in Algeria

Spanish energy firm, Cepsa, have removed workers from Algeria following the capture of hostages

Environmentalists in Gibraltar concerned over ‘disturbing’ fire at CEPSA oil refinery

Environmental Safety Group voices concerns over the blaze

EU supports CEPSA refinery pollution probe

Gibraltar's MEP Graham Watson has voiced concerns over increased pollution from the CEPSA oil refinery





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