Saturday, October 24, 2020
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More people have come forward to the Olive Press about strange charges – extra cost for ice, and salt...

We have had dozens of tourists and expats complain about strange charges for everything from tap water to salt and pepper and mayonnaise.

Heavy mosquito fines to be levied for homeowners in Spain who don’t drain puddles or other bodies of water

So far dozens of people have been admitted to hospital after being bitten

‘NEVER SEEN BEFORE’: Gibraltar police amazed at attempt by three men to smuggle 1.5 tonnes of hash worth £6...

The trio now face charges of importation, possession and possession with intent to supply and are in Magistrates Court this morning

Costa del Sol toll charges to be scrapped THIS YEAR

The AP-4, running from Sevilla to Cadiz will also have finished its contract by the end of the year

‘Gibraltar is a colony of the British Crown’ says new EU Brexit text pushed through by Spain

British MEP Claude Moraes, who was removed as the rapporteur on Monday, claimed the move had come after ‘a long campaign of bullying’

Spanish phone providers to up European roaming charges

The lower rates will not last forever

Mobile phone roaming charges could be scrapped due to super-app

Roaming charges could soon be a thing of the past…

British man arrested in Spain on suspicion of 18 counts of child sex abuse

Fugitive was arrested after 11 years on the run

Spanish electricity firm Endesa ticked off for sneaky charge

Electricity giant Endesa has been ordered to stop trying to charge for upgrading domestic meters

La Linea mayor confident about toll

Sanchez wants to charge five euros to cars crossing into Gibraltar