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GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT: Spain’s giant chocolate nativity scene and other Christmas traditions

WHEN it comes to nativity scenes, some of Spain's look good enough to eat. In one case it is quite literally so. The town of...

McDonald’s lovers in Spain go crazy for NEW Christmas McFlurry and McShake

The additions to the McDonald's seasonal menu will be rolled out across Spain and are expected to rival McDonald's UK's Maltesers Reindeer Christmas McFlurries

Vintage Warfare: Exploring the oldest foods in Madrid and Barcelona

The fierce rivalry between Spain’s two most visited cities is not confined to the soccer match

OH SNAP! KitKat to lose trademark status in Spain

BRITISH favourite KitKat is set to lose its EU-wide trademark status allowing anyone to produce a chocolate bar mimicking its iconic shape. The four-fingered treat,...

WINE TIME: Egg-squisite wine and chocolate pairings for Easter

These chocolate vino matches are a must-know for the Easter period

Enjoy a special Valentines Day treat listening to Whitney Houston at La Sala

If you reserve a bottle of champagne you will receive a platter of strawberries dipped in chocolate for that romantic touch.

Chocolate could be wiped from the face of the earth by 2050, according to new study

Scientists from the University of California say the cocoa plant is scheduled to disappear as early as 2050 due to warmer, more arid conditions.

The sweet taste of success

Making chocolate in a Mediterranean climate sounds like a sticky business. But for Peak District-born Jason Godwin, the gamble he took five years ago has...

Brexit threatening to ruin taste of chocolate in the UK

Britain may lose a key ingredient from its chocolate production

Men and women experience food differently, reveals Madrid scientist

Images of chocolate stimulated the brain more than pictures relating to sex, travel or sport in 69% of men and 62% of women

Taste of porridge

Chocolate thief Carlos Javier Aguilar-Ballester swiped his sweet swag from a shop 17 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Chocolate box thief caught in Gibraltar after 17 years on the run

Chocolate box thief fingered in Gibraltar after two decades on run

Pulp fact: little known chocolate facts from Mijas’ Mayan Monkey

Little-known chocolate facts from inside Oolal’s lab

Eat chocolate to stay slim

Granada researchers discover higher chocolate intake linked to lower levels of fat

EXCLUSIVE: Conman in the chocolate shop!

A smooth conman is operating in Mijas

Good news for choc scoffers this Easter

Regular eaters should stop feeling guilty, say researchers

An edible Christmas in Spain

The world’s largest chocolate nativity scene is just one of the many differences that makes for the perfect Andaluz Christmas, writes Wendy Williams

Sevilla for chocoholics

Nativity scene created from 1,500 kilos of chocolate by master chocolatiers from Rute (Cordoba)

So sweet a Spanish Christmas

Forget Lapland... Andalucians all head for Rute, where even the world's sweetest tooth can be satisfied. Here, the three chocolate kings arrive in time to meet marzipan Jesus





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