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Did you feel the earth move? Three mini-earthquakes hit Spain’s Malaga province in just 24 hours

IF YOU ARE in Malaga province and you felt the earth move this weekend, don’t worry, you are not alone. Three small tremors hit...

Expat artist James Nitchen on display at top Andalucian hotel Molino del Santo

Nitchen’s work ranges from detailed pencil drawings, oils and pastels to fun cartoons

TV ‘doc’ Gillian McKeith in Spanish hotel business hunt

EXCLUSIVE: The Scottish health guru and her husband Howard Magaziner are in the process of buying a dream property in the Serrania de Ronda

Body of missing 16-year-old British boy found in Guadiaro river in Malaga province

The discovery of the boy's kayak had sparked a rescue operation

Spanish emergency services search river for missing British youth

It is believed that the 16-year-old went kayaking on the Guadiaro river on Wednesday but has not been seen since. The boat and oars were found this morning

Pilot of drugs trafficking helicopter that crashed in Spain was Albanian officer

Helicopter crashed into an electricity pylon in darkness near Cortes de la Frontera while it was trying to avoid detection by the Spanish Guardia Civil

Two die in helicopter crash following police chase

Two occupants of a helicopter, believed to have been carrying drugs, died when it crashed into an electricity pylon in darkness near Cortes de la Frontera

My Top 10 places to visit around Ronda

Following a request from a reader, Paul Whitelock chooses his Top 10 places to visit around Ronda having already shared his Top 10 places in Spain and in Andalucía and his Top 10 favourite spots in Ronda itself

Diary of a paper boy in Andalucia

Paul Whitelock gave up his part-time job as a paper boy in Devon when he was just 14. Little did he think he would become one again in Andalucía 45 years later!

Put a cork in it!

The Spanish cork industry is struggling as the demand for cork, particularly from the wine industry, has dropped dramatically. Can anything be done? Should we boycott wines which have plastic corks or screw tops?

Spanish defeat Napolean’s army

Re-creation of the 1810 battle between the Spanish and French on the bridge over the River Gaduares. Picture special by Karl Smallman

“My local mountain hotel is to be renamed Harbour Lights and have Jacques Cousteau-themed rooms!”

The Web Manager of the Olive Press reveals how good humour and community spirit beat the floods in his town

Raving madness

Rave festival leaves trail of devastation and holidaymakers checking out at midnight




Opera fans shocked by classic work using brothel setting with nude dancers in Spain’s Madrid

OPERA and theatre goers around the world are used to modern-day interpretations of classic works but a Madrid audience was stunned by a new...


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