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What you should know about Miguel de Cervantes, Spain’s greatest literary genius, who died on this day in 1616

As Spain prepares to honour its most famous author who died 400 years ago this month, Tom Powell wonders what life was really like for Miguel de Cervantes

Terry Gillam’s Don Quixote film which started production 20 years ago to begin filming for the eighth time

Spanish production company Tornasol and Gilliam himself are financing the €16 million project

Spanish literary figure Don Quixote was inspired by windmill-attacking nobleman’s son

Some 400 years after famed author Miguel de Cervantes’s death, researcher Javier Escudero claims to have found the inspiration for the writer’s leading character

Miguel de Cervantes journeyed around Andalucia collecting taxes

New research has tracked the 16th century author’s own Don Quixote-esque voyage of Andalucia

15-year-old Don Quixote film to be revived with €16m budget

‘The man who killed Don Quixote’ will be resurrected in mid-September

Velez-Malaga keeps its hyphen

Councillors voted in favour of keeping the punctuation mark
cruz jew test

Would you pass the Spanish test Jews are taking to get citizenship?

Yossi Ben Naimhas become the first Israeli granted citizenship under a new law

Miguel de Cervantes to have star named after him

Campaign also proposes to name the four planets revolving around the star after characters from the novel

UPDATE: Coffin marked with Cervantes’ initials found in hunt for author’s remains

Archaeologists have unearthed the casket in an unmarked grave in Madrid

Final stage in the hunt for author Cervantes begins in Madrid

More than 20 forensic experts are extracting bones from three unmarked graves

Neverending struggle

Terry Gilliam's 15 year struggle to film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote looks set to rumble on

Terry Gilliam’s filming of Don Quixote delayed again

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote was meant to start being filmed this month

Brit Jack O’Connell cast as new Don Quixote

Director Terry Gilliam has turned to 300 star Jack O'Connell in his latest bid to recreate the legend of Don Quixote

Hunt for Cervantes turns up four sets of bones

The bones will now been analysed in a new phase in the investigation

Scientists begin the hunt for Cervantes in Madrid

Hunt for the Don Quixote author's body gets the go-ahead at the Las Trinitarias convent

Where’s Don Quixote?

Painting of famous Spaniard stolen in Malaga

Locating bones could solve mystery of Spain’s greatest writer

Archaeologists set to dig up Miguel de Cervantes's bones

Bare bones could solve Spanish mystery of Quixote creator

Spain is to dig up the bones of its most famous writer

Back for the Holy Grail

Former Monty Python star Terry Gilliam is relaunching his failed Don Quixote film after ten years




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