Monday, January 30, 2023
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Farmer on Spain’s Costa Blanca trapped and kept finches to use and breed for singing contests

A 78-year old Mutxamel farmer is being investigated for setting up an intricate homemade trap to illegally capture finches. The Guardia Civil said in many...

Farmer on Spain’s Costa Blanca convicted of horrific animal abuse avoids prison time

AN Alicante Province farmer has avoided prison over eight counts of animal abuse involving several dogs. Despite prosecutors at his Benidorm trial wanting him jailed...

Forest fire starts after man throws out used barbecue charcoal in Alicante area of Spain

A farmer has been arrested by the Guardia Civil for committing arson due to gross negligence after throwing away used barbecue charcoal embers. The man...

Thieving farmer pinches tractor parked outside Alicante area motor repair shop in Spain

POLICE in Alcoy have arrested a 33-year-old man who stole a tractor parked outside a motor repair shop and drove it to his farm. The...

Tragic accident sees farmer killed by own tractor whilst ploughing in Spain’s Toledo

A 57-year-old man has been fatally injured when the tractor he was operating accidentally pinning him underneath the heavy vehicle. According to the Emergency 112...

Farmer arrested for exploiting and abusing foreign workers in Spain’s Murcia region

A BULLYING farmer that abused foreign workers and had them working in pitiful conditions has been arrested. Policia Nacional sources allege the Murcia business-owner, “exploited...

Spanish woman dubbed Donald Trump’s doppelganger is the funniest thing you’ll see today

Social media users went into a frenzy after noticing the uncanny similarities

Needless violence

Disturbing tale of a Spanish farmer battering a helpless puppy

Rabbits on the rampage in Malaga

The influx of rabbits poses a serious threat to crops in the region

Who will score with the Spanish Cristiano Ronaldo of tractors?

New series launched on Spanish TV in which six eligible farmers are looking for a wife

My Spanish plums are perfect

Granada farmer strips off to promote his produce




WATCH: The crazy lengths Fuengirola zoo must go to keep the animals warm during the current cold snap

With the current biting temperature plunging the Costa del Sol into something almost resembling winter, BIOPARC Fuengirola has been forced to take extraordinary action...


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