THE case of the Spanish farmer almost killing a puppy for frightening his chickens is a disturbing one.

On one hand, it reveals the backwards attitude still found in some corners of rural Spain, while also serving as a warning to those living in those idyllic far-out places.

But we should not tar all rural Spaniards with the same brush.

This is an exceptional case and hopefully will be dealt with firmly by the police, to show that such unnecessary violence is totally unacceptable.


  1. This appears to be a comment on a previously published story with no new facts – hardly any facts at all. However, it should indeed serve as a warning: when in the country keep your pets on a leash, and under control. What you think of as cute and playful, farm animals may believe to be threatening, and farmers will sometimes go to extremes to defend their animal assets.

  2. For goodness sake grow up Derek. It’s a forum for open debate. There is absolutely nothing wrong in questioning events when we have only heard one side of the story. Isabel may well be telling us exactly what happened, but in the adult world we live in some dog owners are not responsible people and would never admit that their darling little pooch could ever do anything wrong. The farmer may tell us a different version of events, or is he to be dismissed as irrelevant as he is only a local spanish peasant.

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