A BULLYING farmer that abused foreign workers and had them working in pitiful conditions has been arrested.

Policia Nacional sources allege the Murcia business-owner, “exploited foreign citizens, giving them a paltry salary for working in unhealthy working conditions.”

Men and women worked 12 hours a day, earning an average 75 euros per week, with victims often having wages forfeited for not reaching ever-changing targets.

Workers even had to ask permission to go to what was described as a “deplorable” bathroom.

Statements reveal that some were forced to carry on working, despite being injured by dangerous equipment.

The farmer would pack over a dozen workers into the back of a van without any seats and without any thought for social distancing.

He was caught red-handed last Wednesday, January 13, as he was transporting seven workers from one site to another.

The 53-year-old was arrested for abusing workers’ rights, favouring irregular immigration and illegal trafficking of labour.

His two industrial buildings were closed and his bank accounts were blocked.

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