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Gibraltar museum director gives speech about battle against Napoleon in Spain’s Andalucia

GIBRALTAR forged new links with Spain’s Andalucia after its museum director gave a speech on the 1811 Battle of Barrrosa where British troops tried...

Social media history vlogger gets heritage award as he celebrates a year of his ‘Llanito’ online videos

A SOCIAL media video blogger is celebrating one year talking about the history of Gibraltar and the different spooky stories linked to different sites. Ryan...

Natural history museum opens at Parson’s Lodge as Gibraltar gives tourists a new attraction

GIBRALTAR’S new Natural History Museum at Parson’s Lodge that opens its doors to the public Tuesday will host bird watching days, lectures and wildlife...

Iconic Southport Gates at entry to Gibraltar’s Main Street get major facelift, restoration and clean-up

THE Ministry of Heritage has restored the iconic Southport Gates to Gibraltar’s Main Street that date back to 1883 to their former glory after...

Garrison Library in Gibraltar turns 230 with unique exhibition of artifacts celebrating military connection

THE Garrison Library marked 230 years in Gibraltar with the launch of an exhibition that traced its history from a military institution to a...

Archaeological dig at Gibraltar Upper Rock site hopes to find ‘important remains’, government says

ARCHAEOLOGISTS will soon start a dig at a whole new location on Gibraltar’s famous Rock after its national museum said there could be ‘important...

World War II tunnels of Gibraltar now open again after extensive refurb over last few months

TOURISTS will be able to relive the role Gibraltar played during World War II after the reopening of the Hays Level tunnels. Heritage minister John...

Newly restored O’Hara’s Battery at southern end of the Rock of Gibraltar reopens for visits

VISITORS to O’Hara’s Battery at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar will be greeted with a more interesting and interactive experience after it...

New Natural History museum plans to open this autumn at Parson’s Lodge in south of Gibraltar

A NEW Natural History Museum is set to open this autumn at the Parson’s Lodge building overlooking Camp Bay in the south of Gibraltar. Gibraltar...

Gibraltar spruces up its famous Moorish Castle, restores a whipping pole and protects valuable graves

HERITAGE department workers removed plants from Moorish Castle walls, restored a Europa Point whipping pole and protected historic graves in Gibraltar recently. Minister for Heritage...

Original basement floor to historic building in Gibraltar dating back 200 years uncovered by chance

Ongoing restoration of the Garrison Library has revealed a whole new floor which had been concealed by concrete for nearly a century.




Top Gibraltar scientists still puzzled over source of Legionnaire’s disease that infected four people

THE cause of the four cases of Legionnaire’s Disease remains a mystery in Gibraltar as investigations continue, its government said after a new strategic...


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