A HISTORICAL book about Gibraltar’s connection with the surrounding area at the beginning of the 20th Century is being released with government support.

Author Maria del Mar Ortega Marchante includes photos and anecdotes from the period in her historical study ‘La Almoraima’.

The title of the book revolves around a convent called La Almoraima, located two kilometres south of Castellar de la Frontera.

Built in 1603, it has a land area of 16,000 hectares, with origins in Muslim times.

Gibraltarians would travel up to the Almoraima to enjoy picnics while others would take part in the Royal Calpe Hunt.

Minister for Heritage John Cortes said he was ‘delighted’ to support the publishing of the book.

He called it ‘an important account of Gibraltarian heritage that features previously unpublished information about our social and cultural fabric’.

Almoraima is a natural park and estate located in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia, southern Spain.

The area is known for its beautiful landscapes and includes forests, mountains, and rivers.

The Almoraima estate is famous for its ecological diversity, featuring a variety of plant and animal species.

The park is a part of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, which is known for its cork oak forests. Cork production has been historically important in this region.

Additionally, Almoraima has a rich history, with traces of human settlements dating back to ancient times.

The estate has witnessed various cultural influences, including Roman and Moorish civilizations.

Today, Almoraima is valued for its natural beauty and is a destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and those interested in exploring the cultural heritage of the region.


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