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Regional body announces three-fold boost to forest fire prevention budget for Spain’s Alicante province

ALICANTE PROVINCIAL COUNCIL is handing out €1.4 million this year to municipalities to produce and execute forest fire prevention plans. It's a 290% budget rise...

Handyman convicted again of murdering British granny on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A Dutch handyman has been found guilty again of murdering a British pensioner to steal €550 from her purse. The body of Margaret McNulty, 70,...

Alicante area robbers stole dozens of cars and electrical goods from over 80 homes in Spain

A major Alicante Province home robbery gang has been broken up in a joint Guardia Civil-Policia Nacional operation. 14 people have been arrested and two...

Family feud over unreturned money sees Costa Blanca rental home destroyed in arson attack in Spain

A family row over a refund of a rent deposit led to a Granja de Rocamora house being set ablaze and destroyed. Two men, 25...

Brutal killer of British expat woman on the Costa Blanca is jailed for 25 years in Spain

A Dutch national who befriended a British expat woman has been jailed for over 25 years after he killed her to snatch €550 from...

Drug dealer on Spain’s Costa Blanca shoots unhappy customer in the back with a stolen Guardia Civil gun

A young drug dealer fired four bullets from a stolen Guardia Civil gun into the back of a dissatisfied client in Alicante. The 22-year-old's violent...

New table shows breakdown of COVID-19 cases per municipality in the Vega Baja region on Spain’s Costa Blanca –...

Larger and more populous areas have seen a higher number of people succumbing to the virus but many smaller towns have escaped with very little suffering at all

Two towns in the Valenciana region have yet to report a single coronavirus case as data on municipalities released

EVERY municipality in the Valenciana region has registered cases of coronavirus within its boundaries, except for two. Located in the Vega Baja region of Costa...




Four teenagers who ‘threw rocks on cars travelling on the A-7 motorway in Spain’s Marbella’ are quizzed by police

A GROUP of teenagers caused chaos in Marbella on Monday morning by throwing rocks from an overpass at cars driving along the motorway. The gang,...


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