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Spain’s Civil Guard arrests hackers in Alicante who targeted 168 different companies via ransomware

SPAIN’S Civil Guard has arrested two international hackers in Alicante province who used ransomware to attack 168 different companies.  The operation was carried out in...

British hacker arrested in Spain for taking control of Obama’s Twitter account given five years by a New York...

A BRITISH hacker who was arrested in Spain’s Estepona in July 2021 after he managed to take control of high-profile Twitter accounts, including that...

Spanish FA say cyber hackers stole private conversations to pass onto media outlets

SPAIN'S football governing body says cyber hackers stole private conversations and emails to pass onto media outlets. The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has reported...

Power company Iberdrola admits personal details of 1.3 million customers in Spain were hacked

PERSONAL data of 1.3 million Iberdrola customers were hacked in a cyberattack on March 15 according to the El Pais newspaper. The criminals seized information...

Policia Nacional expose hackers who try to ‘infect’ hospital computers with virus

THE Policia Nacional have uncovered an attempt by hackers to ‘infect’ hospital computers with a virus.

Gibraltar webcam hackers demanding Bitcoin from victims after ‘recording them watching porn’

Victims are being sent their own passwords as proof their computers have been hacked

Russian hacking operations could intensify in Catalunya, according to new report

Robot accounts have been traced to a ‘troll farm’ near St Petersburg and have helped push social media traffic by 2,000% in Catalunya since the referendum.

Russian hackers stealing Brits’ air miles to fund black market luxury holidays

RUSSIAN hackers are stealing Brits’ air miles to fund a black market in luxury holidays, a report has found. A report by Flashpoint found that...

Police arrest five in UK and Spain cyber-crime ring

Police have intercepted a cyber crime ring suspected of infecting computers with malicious software in order to obtain sensitive information.
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Expats exposed to identity theft as public wi-fi ‘hands over’ information

Rise in European cybercrime leads to warnings against wi-fi




Is this the most romantic village in Spain? Why the stunning ‘Pueblo de Amor’ in Malaga province is the...

IT was on Valentine's Day four centuries ago that Arriate won its freedom. On February 14, in 1630, the villagers clubbed together to pay 352,739...


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