THE Policia Nacional have uncovered an attempt by hackers to ‘infect’ hospital computers with a virus.

The cyber criminals tried to bring down hospital computer systems throughout the country, by sending emails to hospital workers that contained viruses.

The Policia Nacional’s deputy director of operations, Jose Angel Gonzalez urged employees not to open suspicious emails to avoid possible harm.

“The best protection is prevention,” he said.

Gonzalez also mentioned that hackers are targeting normal civilians as well, trying to steal their personal information.

There are two specific examples that he mentioned of hoaxes trying to take advantage of people.

One is an audio that alerted of an imminent declaration of the state of siege and advised people to make massive supermarket purchases.

The second one uses a video from a riot in an Italian prison to falsely claim that it’s occurring in Spain.

The Guardia Civil is also joining in the efforts to counter cyber attacks.

The Interior Ministry has already warned that in the last week they have detected 15 scams that used coronavirus as the lure.

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