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Violent far-right hate group arrests after using social media as recruiting tool in Spain

SEVEN members of a violent ultra-right group that co-ordinated hate crimes via social media have been arrested by the Policia Nacional. One of those detained...

Gold coins plus Nazi and Francoist treasures owned by deceased German are discovered on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A collection of Nazi and Francoist medals as well as valuable gold coins owned by a deceased German Costa Blanca resident are set to...

Spanish football will resume a day early, with the second half of an abandoned match due to offensive chants

FOOTBALL in Spain is due to resume a day early, with the second half of an abandoned match, it has been announced.

The Fourth Reich: how Nazis found a safe haven in Spain – including on the Costa del Sol

IN a verdant Elviria urbanisation the smell of jasmine and honeysuckle hang heavy in the air and an anonymous two-bedroom bungalow sits below a...

Jon Clarke tracks the Nazi Gold Trail to Madrid and Gibraltar, hot on the heels of our expose on...

HOW could a stockpile of looted Nazi gold larger than some country’s bullion reserves disappear without trace? The macabre mystery has been the subject of...

Spain SLAMMED by US official for making ‘no effort’ to return Nazi-looted art from WW2

US official adviser Stuart E Eizenstat slammed Spain for 'taking no steps' to fulfill the principles

Fascist vandals paint Nazi swastikas on cultural centre in northern Spain

"We will continue to be profoundly antifascist and committed to the rights and freedoms"

The beef about The Story of Ferdinand – Spain’s most controversial children’s book

Franco banned it, Hitler burnt it and Gandhi loved it. How a loveable Spanish toro in a children’s book has raised hackles all over the world

Jewish family fights Spanish museum for paintings taken by Nazis in WWII

The museum argues it has legal ownership but the family’s lawyer David Boies disagrees

Spanish siesta to get the boot as Spain dumps ‘Nazi time’ for GMT

The government is considering replacing the ‘Nazi time zone’ it currently operates in with Greenwich Mean Time

OPINION: Belsen Berney’s hero legacy tainted by dishonesty

Sad that a war hero’s legacy has been tainted by his dishonesty

Car covered in fascist symbols banned by Catalan town hall

Provocative political artists wanted to drive Nazi car through Figueres town centre

Branch of Nazi party Golden Dawn legalised in Spain

Extreme right-wing party Amanecer Dorado has been added to the register of political parties

The last of the Spanish Nazis

Author Neil Forsyth shares extracts from his new book, San Carlos, in which he attempts to track down the last remnants of Nazi Germany in Spain.

Nazi hunt in Spain

UK author brings out new book on the German fascists who fled to Spain after the Second World War

Controversy after 1934 film shows pupils giving Nazi salute

Outrage as youth football teams are filmed giving Nazi salute

Hitler ‘theft’ probe in Spain

Heirs to lost Goya and Rubens paintings beg Prado Museum to help them out

Francisco Ayala (1906-2009)

A Spanish writer belonging to the Generation of 27, a literary movement composed of writers, diverse artists and filmmakers

Nazi hate mail

Fanatic threatens novelist over book on SS officer fleeing concentration camp for Spain

Riddle of Nazi photos

EXCLUSIVE: Rare German photo album found in Costa rubbish bin




King Felipe VI receives demonstration of Spanish airforce prowess during Mallorca military drills

KING Felipe VI cast his regal eye over Spanish air defences on the island of Mallorca on Wednesday. The king was present in the Balearics...


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