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Harvard professor left with burning question after week in Spain: When do Spaniards sleep?

A PROFESSOR from Harvard University struck a chord this week after she came to Spain and asked a question that many visitors to the...

Sticky and sleepless nights warning with soaring temperatures on Spain’s Costa Blanca

HOT equatorial nights are being forecast for parts of the Costa Blanca towards the weekend. Daytime maximums are predicted to touch at least 35 degrees...

SLEEP EASY: Where to stay in Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca

FOR a town that has had a Parador for five decades, Javea has a surprisingly small amount of good places to stay. It was back...

City of dreaming – You’re bound to sleep well in Ronda

THERE is an incredible choice of places to lay down your head in the 'City of Dreams', as Dutch poet Rilke once described Ronda. One...

A typical Spaniard’s lifestyle is unhealthier than they think

Spaniards judge their lifestyle to be very healthy despite generally sleeping little, skipping breakfast and feasting on red meat…

Charging your phone at night can make you fat!

Researchers have revealed that charging a mobile phone or tablet in your bedroom can make you gain weight

Counting sheep

Herb specialist Sue Rodgers gives her best remedies for a soothing sleep

Half of Spanish children tired in mornings, new study finds

A nocturnal lifestyle is causing children in Spain to underperform in the classroom

Classes for parents aim to combat fatigue in children

More and more pupils are struggling to stay awake during their lessons
too much sleep bad research finds

Too much sleep is a bad thing, new research finds

A new study has found that seven hours a night is ideal for optimal concentration

Snoring linked to cancer

New research shows heavy snorers could be five times more likely to develop cancer

Dreaming of top grades in Spain

Kids in Spain tend not to get enough sleep

Raymond Prats’ health trends for 2012

Raymond Prats looks at what health trends the coming year will bring

Waking the dead

They are taken in Taiwan, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bangladesh, and, according to NASA, invigorate the body and soul. The word comes from the Latin for ‘sixth hour,’ and is intended to occur roughly six hours after one wakes up... But why is the siesta culture dying out in Spain? Sara Wallace finds out




Summer of surprises: Unexpected boon of loggerhead turtles nesting in Andalucia’s beaches driven by climate change

THE unexpected surge in loggerhead turtles nesting along the beaches of Andalucia which has so delighted turtle enthusiasts is driven by climate change, conservationists...


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