Thursday, July 16, 2020
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More than 100 Spanish soldiers evacuated from Mali after coronavirus outbreak

MORE than 100 Spanish soldiers have been repatriated early from Mali after a coronavirus outbreak.

Spain withdraws 22 soldiers from the Indian Ocean because of coronavirus

SPAIN has had to withdraw 22 soldiers that were part of the Atalanta operation, as the Rear Admiral tested positive for coronavirus.

‘Fat’ Spanish soldiers told to lose weight or face being kicked out the force

Soldiers in Spain’s elite fighting force have been told to shed the weight amid concerns their bellies will tarnish the reputation of the Legion.

Could this be a Banksy in Andalucia?

Spotted by Olive Press reader and multimedia artist Jane Jewson on the road from Casares to Gaucin, two lifelike soldiers in battle dress square up to each other on the side of a ruined building

Eight Spaniards arrested for pro-Russian fighting in Ukraine

The men were identified through a series of photographs showing them with Russian war material

They came to Spain to fight for freedom

But new evidence shows that those Britons and Irish who came to fight Fascism in Spain - 75 years ago this month - were spied on in their thousands once they returned home and were all suspected of being communists, discovers James Bryce

Man killed by lightning after more heavy rain hits southern Spain

A man has died and a child has gone missing as southern Spain is hit by more heavy rain