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Learn these Spanish phrases for ordering in restaurants as Spain eases coronavirus lockdown

GAMBAS pil pil, crusty bread, beer, ensalada de pulpo, real cafe con leche, chips, alioli, tomato salad, jamon, olives – the list of local...

White House threatens Spanish oil giant Repsol with ‘devastating sanctions’ if it doesn’t stop drilling in Venezuela

THE White House has threatened Repsol with ‘devastating sanctions’ unless it withdraws from Venezuela. Along with Italy's ENI and India's Reliance, the Spanish oil giant...

Spanish motorsport legend Fernando Alonso primed for F1 return, says long-term boss Briatore

FERNANDO Alonso's long-term manager Flavio Briatore has tipped the Spanish motorsport stalwart for a return to F1 in 2021 after a year out. In an...

Chartered Financial Planner Jonathan Holdaway explains the Spanish tax compliant bond

Article by Jonathan Holdaway HAVING recently completed the purchase of our first home in Spain – thankfully we were able to move just before lockdown...

How are Spanish Compliant Investment Bonds Taxed?

Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons)Managing PartnerChorus Financial MANY of you will have explored your options for investing as residents here in Spain. In the...

COVID-19: Leading Spanish children’s organisation reports spike in abuse and suicide calls during coronavirus crisis

LOCKDOWN’S devastating impact on the mental health and abuse of children has been laid bare, following a spike in emergency calls. From March 23 to...

How Spanish coronavirus memes are helping me learn the language during lockdown

Despite my heavy workload – writing a never-ending stream of coronavirus articles while blitzing through The Office UK and Tiger King – lockdown seems to have helped my Spanish

Firefighters in Andalucia demand apology from Telecinco over its ‘fake news’ report they received training from Spanish Army

FIREFIGHTERS from Velez Malaga have demanded an apology from channel Telecinco after the Spanish TV station wrongly announced that the men had received exclusive...

These essential Spanish seasonings will quash your hunger for hard-to-find British condiments during Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

MISSING your English mustard, Branston Pickle and that essential dollop of HP Sauce on the side of your plate? Be warned, you will be hard-pressed...

Controversial director Woody Allen finds a Spanish distributor for latest movie set in Spain’s San Sebastian

CONTROVERSIAL director Woody Allen, 84, has secured distribution in Spain for his new movie set in San Sebastian. Rifkin’s Festival is the Brooklyn-born filmmaker’s latest...

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar says he’s been phoning up pals to ‘check on their libidos’ during Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown

LEGENDARY Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar has been phoning up his pals to check on their libidos during lockdown. In an essay penned for IndieWire the...

The Finance Bureau’s Tancrede de Pola explains mortgage holiday rules as the Spanish property sector battles on through COVID-19

On March 17 the Government announced by Royal Decree a ‘moratorium’ or ‘mortgage holiday’ for residents struggling with payments

CASTAWAY COOKING: A steaming bowl of fideua is your perfect Sunday comfort food, writes British chef stranded in Spain...

A simple one-pot stew, fideua can most easily be described as short strands of spaghetti cooked in stock in a similar manner to that of a paella

Spanish Government reveals it actually returned more than 50,000 faulty Chinese coronavirus tests, rather than 9,000 previously stated

The PP and Vox have demanded to see the finances relating to the purchase of tests

‘I’M VULNERABLE’: British snooker legend Willie Thorne reveals he has leukaemia and is locked in Spanish hospital alone due...

“All I’ve got is a 24-hour news channel and that’s all about the coronavirus, which is hard to watch”

Disgraced Spanish opera icon Placido Domingo, 79, tests positive for coronavirus

It comes just weeks after the musician’s six-decade-long career was plunged into scandal when the Government axed two of his concerts in Madrid

Long before Antonio Banderas, another hot Spanish actor was the toast of Hollywood and he came from the Campo...

CALLE Actor Antonio Moreno at the back of Mercadona is not the most beautiful street in Los Barrios

IN PICS: It’s the end of Madrid as we know it – coronavirus report from streets of Spanish capital

IT’S not exactly the Civil War or a scene from the 1936 Battle of Madrid, but there is a definite siege mentality in Madrid and it’s building

FALSE FRIENDS: Beware these linguistic enemies which trick many a Spanish student, warns Charlie Smith

These are not the mates who bitch about you behind your back or slink off without paying for their share of the bill

100 SPANISH ICONS: Number one, Malaga’s Maria Zambrano

IN a first of a NEW series we look at names you have heard of, but may not know the fascinating history behind these famous names

IN PICS: Spectacular 15,000-year-old carvings uncovered in Spanish cave

They are said to be extremely fragile and can be damaged by merely being touched

QUÉ? 13 Spanish language facts expats in Spain should know

Here are some facts to remind us why we want to belong to this growing list of speakers

Spanish crisp firm’s orders surge 150% after its snacks appear in Korean Oscar-winning film Parasite

It may have been a small part, but it has had a big effect on the fortunes of the family firm

Spanish property expert Adam Neale explains why the first offer is always the best offer

As sellers on the Costa del Sol know only too well, selling takes time, not because the market is rubbish but because this is typical of a holiday home market

Spanish Government bans ‘vegan’ pasties and pizzas because they ‘contain milk’

An alert for the presence of milk in the products was made first made in the UK

Dicks, balls, c*nts… Spain’s Andalucia has some great everyday swearwords, but its other vocabularly is even more curious

In a new monthly column, Charlie Smith explores the trials and tribulations of learning Spanish





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