THE judge of the Villarejo case has delivered an international investigation order to the United Kingdom.

Judge Manuel Garcia-Castellon has asked the UK for judicial cooperation in the investigation.

Castellon has requested a report on the destruction of the mobile card that Pablo Iglesias returned to his former adviser, Dina Bousselham.

As published in Vozpopuli, scientific police have analysed how the card’s SD memory was destroyed to determine if Iglesias deliberately disabled it or if the card had become deteriorated due to standard corrosion.

According to initial reports, the card was forwarded to the company Recovery Express on September 29, 2017 by Ricardo Sa Ferreira, Bousselham’s husband.

PHONE PROBE: Dina Bousselham, Pablo Iglesias’ former adviser

The magistrate has requested that the state in which the company received the card be made available.

Additionally, he asked for the documentation kept by the company, including photographs, the description of the state of the card and corresponding actions made on the SD to be revealed.

Under the international investigation order to the UK, the British authorities have been requested to facilitate the identification of the person who received the card.

Also requested are the IDs of the technician who originally examined the card and the legal representative of Recovery Express.

The aim is to understand how the card was received and any corresponding actions are carried out to, in order to assess what effect it may have on the card.

The investigation is key in determining if Iglesias deliberately manipulated and disabled the card.

Last year a journalist faced jail after he admitted to a judge in Madrid that he had handled a pen-drive, which was full of personal information on Iglesias.

Much of the information acquired was after Iglesias’ assistant had her phone stolen in 2016.


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