Mayor in Trouble

LAST UPDATED: 23 May, 2009 @ 16:07
Mayor in Trouble

ANTEQUERA mayor Ricardo Millan is in trouble after his fragile coalition broke down last week.

The socialist (PSOE) mayor has fallen out with his coalition partners from the far left IU party, over plans to urbanise large parts of Antequera’s countryside.

He has now been left with a minority government after three IU councillors resigned over the new Urban Development Plan (PGOU) for the area.

IU councillors Lola Quintana, Antonio Garcia and Teresa Aranda walked out over plans to concrete large parts of the unspoilt vega de Antequera, which is celebrated for its agriculture.

They fear his plans for tens of thousands of new homes also threatens the viability of existing aquifers.


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  1. Is this man a total idiot? YES! Why on earth does this imbecile think more homes are needed? how on earth will the local infrastructure surive that?

    Sack this idiot now – it is clearly a plan involving a few back-handers.

  2. The very same has taken place in Arriondas-Parres, Asturias. The PSOE/PP/IU coalition on the destruction of an 18th c palace into a deluxe golf hotel has led to the abandonment of the new Urban Plan, and the loss of support for the concejales.

    Maybe? reform is slowly coming?