Bad girls

LAST UPDATED: 25 May, 2010 @ 10:13
Bad girls

A SORDID prison has found itself at the centre of a sex scandal between prisoners and officers.

Staff at the lock up – renowned for its tolerant attitude – are accused of offering sexual favours in exchange for alcohol and mobile phone calls.

A trio of officials have now been fired and a further two employees suspended at the Alcala-Meco women’s jail in Madrid.

“This decision was taken following the discovery of unacceptable individual behaviour,” confirmed a prison spokesperson.

“It’s not right to give alcohol to prisoners, at the most, chocolates and a lot of love.”

One male guard, nicknamed the Suit, reportedly spent New Year’s Eve in a cell with two prisoners.

Another officer spend the night smooching and drinking with a pair of other inmates.

And a senior official on duty told a prisoner concerned by the laissez-faire scenes: “It’s not right to give alcohol to prisoners, at the most, chocolates and a lot of love.”

According to the female guards, known as Las Talibanas, discipline has been on the wane ever since the arrival of male guards in 2009.

Former prisoners confirmed the loose tendencies of inmates. “It’s not that surprising, people have needs, especially inside,” said one ex detainee.

Sacked governor, Jose Luis Cuenca, insists that the reports of sexual conquests are embellished and that he is the victim of a “witch hunt”.

“These stories are invented to stir things up,” he insisted.


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