Chilean escapes a Spanish hell hole

LAST UPDATED: 6 Nov, 2010 @ 01:03
Chilean escapes a Spanish hell hole

AS 33 miners have been dramatically rescued from the depths of the San José mine, another Chilean has made his own bid for freedom from a Fuengirola police station.

The 52-year-old was arrested following an incident in Plaza de la Hispanidad where he knocked down a local police man with his car.

Officers detained the man who was found to be drunk and discovered he was living in Spain illegally.

He was then arrested and brought to the police station, but managed to escape when he and another detainee were taken to the toilets.

When the officer attempted chased him, he found the door to the corridor had been locked and the man had escaped into the street.

Police are now searching for the fugitive.

Meanwhile, Chile is celebrating the success of the 22 hour operation, quickly dubbed the “miracle in the mine” that saw all 33 miners rescued.

Following the two month ordeal, Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, announced “They were experiencing a kind of rebirth.”


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