By Wendy Williams

JAMES Bond actor Sean Connery will not be making an appearance in court today.

The 80-year-old Scottish actor and his second wife, French artist Micheline Roquebrune, 81, sent a letter to the judge explaining they would be unable to travel to Spain from their home in the Bahamas due to “age and state of health.”

The pair had been summoned to testify in the so-called Goldfinger money laundering case which is investigating the alleged irregularities in the sale of their Marbella villa ‘Malibu’ in 1999.

Their case has attracted a lot of media attention in the last week following a letter Connery sent to the presiding judge Ricardo Puyol threatening legal action for naming him publicly in the case.

In retaliation Puyol maintained the letter was intimidating and called for legal protection but the Spanish law council has rejected his claims.

The magistrate will now decide next week how to proceed.


  1. This court case should have a very interesting outcome.

    Doubtless to say, there there willsurely be more corrupt Spanish lawyers and a notary or two emerging soon. After all, they advised him.

    Lol, they have to go and see him, in the Bahamas!

  2. I could understand his statement to the Court why he couldn’t travel to from Bahamas to Marbella, Spain.
    But to Fax his recent letter of “cooperation with the Court” from – CHICAGO, IL (USA) puts a “strain” on his believability

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