Cruelty-free foie gras in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 17 Dec, 2011 @ 09:12
Cruelty-free foie gras in Spain

THE world’s best foie is nearly ready just in time for Christmas.

Made in the heart of Extremadura, Pateria de Sousa has become one of the top global foie producers and is going from strength to strength.

It even counts President Obama and Gordon Ramsay as clients and is now selling to the top stores in London.

Crucially however, Eduardo de Sousa and his brother Pedro have managed to create a delicious delicacy that is officially “cruelty free”.

“The reason our foie is so special is because we only produce it on a yearly basis,” explained Eduardo.

“We let the geese grow naturally in the wild, we don’t force feed them. We let nature work its magic.”


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