EXCLUSIVE by Eloise Horsfield

A PENSIONER is demanding action after his dog was ‘deliberately poisoned’.

Six-year-old Ozzie spent four days on a drip fighting for his life after eating a sausage roll that had been laced with insecticide or fertilizer.

David Watkins, 76, from Comares, woke to find the podenco so ill he was unable to stand.

“It was a horrendous sight,” said former sailor Watkins, originally from London.

“There was excrement and vomit everywhere, even on the kitchen table.”

Watkins soon found the culprit, a half-eaten sausage roll, which he took to his vet Carolina Guidotti Gonzalez at  the Axarquia Veterinary Clinic for analysis.

“There were definite signs of a toxic substance, possibly insecticide or fertilizer,” she confirmed.

While Ozzie has now made a full recovery, Watkins is determined to get to the bottom of what happened.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to find out who did it,” he said, after paying a 114 euro vet bill.

“As soon as we get confirmation we’re going to the police and mayor.”

The incident comes just two months after the village awoke to find a worrying number of dead dogs and cats strewed around the town.

“They counted 22 bodies in total,” said Patricia King, who coordinated a petition to take to the town hall after the apparent mass poisoning.

“We will not tolerate this, nor will the police,” said a town hall spokesman, adding that owners needed to ensure pets were not running loose, and to file denuncias for individual cases.