Seussical the Musical takes San Roque by storm!

LAST UPDATED: 7 May, 2012 @ 08:37
Seussical the Musical takes San Roque by storm!

IT seems that nothing fazes a Sotogrande student and the latest musical production confirms that we have true talent in our school, with singers, musicians and dancers all taking part.

Seussical the Musical, based on the Dr Seuss children’s stories, was performed at the end of last term in the Juan Luis Theatre in San Roque.

The first matinee performance entertained 600 children from local Spanish schools who loved this stunning adaption of the famous Dr Seuss stories.

And on two subsequent evenings a full house was treated to a magical, colourful show.

The combination of the outstanding student performances, great live music from the Marbella Big Band (with student musicians too), choreography, dazzling costumes and make-up, and stunning lighting, props and set, made this a show to remember.

Nearly 200 SIS students take instrument and singing lessons at school and there is a constant atmosphere of creativity and performance.

All of these talents come together to make great shows like this possible.


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  1. It was spectacular. This was no ordinary school performance. The company could go on tour and sell out any theatre. Special mentions to the chap who played the Cat in the Hat (he would make a splendid Compère in Cabaret) and Fleur aka “Amazin’ Mazie” … what a talent!! Well done Kristyn Art for putting such a brilliant show together!