Spain still loves a tipple

LAST UPDATED: 8 Sep, 2012 @ 07:33
Spain still loves a tipple

SPANIARDS may be facing the worst financial crisis in years, but a beer is still considered ‘necessary’, according to a survey.

While many residents are being forced to cut down on luxuries such as holidays and eating out, 61% still find enough to spare for a cold glass or two with friends.

The specially-designed BAR-o-metre, created by the Breweries in Spain Association (BSA), also found that six out of 10 Andalucians have not given up their favourite tipple, with 66% still preferring to drink in bars rather than at home.

“The data shows the strong roots of beer in Spanish culture as a beverage that when drunk in moderation helps us beat the heat, allow us to share good times with friends and family, and for many it is now their only luxury,” explained a BSA spokesman.


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  1. Brits feel just the same. Unfortunately, due to cock-eyed taxation, most people can no longer afford to go to the pub. They sit in their lonely shacks quaffing supermarket wee, watching the telly. Thirty five pubs a week close in the U.K. swiftly converted to housing, so there’s no going back. It suits the powers that be, close those dens of sedition, don’t let people get together and discuss how inequitable it all is.