Spain to host next year’s MotoGP

LAST UPDATED: 27 Sep, 2012 @ 19:24
Spain to host next year’s MotoGP

SPAIN will again host four rounds of the MotoGP next year despite the deepening economic crisis.

The sport’s governing body, the International Motorcycling Federation, announced today it will host races on the Jerez de la Frontera , Motorland Aragon, Barcelona and Valencia circuits.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce and Dorna Sports, the Spanish company which hold the commercial rights to MotoGP, have reached an agreement that guarantees a race will take place in 2013 at the Jerez circuit.

The news comes after several major sporting events have been cancelled as part of central government cuts this year.

The Andalucia Masters, the Madrid Open, the Castellon Masters and the Iberdrola Open were all dropped for financial reasons.

Last year the MotoGP in Jerez generated €43.5 million, with over 184,160 people attending the three-day event.


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  1. Rajoy should be cutting the number of funcionarios instead of these events.
    Many civil servants are well passed their expiry dates, kept on across the nation despite modern technology making many of their jobs redundant.
    I say cut back on red tape and paperclips, and keep funding for positive internationally recognised events.
    It not only sheds Spain in a better light, but attracts visitors with money to spend in our local struggling economies.