Spain’s A-377 in need of repair

LAST UPDATED: 6 Nov, 2012 @ 18:13
Spain’s A-377 in need of repair

A ‘TERRIBLE’ road may get the repairs it desperately needs if an initiative involving several town halls is successful.

The A-377, which links Gaucin to Manilva, is used regularly by residents of 20 towns, with officials claiming its unevenness and general bad condition is putting tourists off using it.

Mayors will meet on October 26 to discuss ways to force the Junta to prioritise repairs.


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  1. For those who don´t know the A-377 between Gaucín and Manilva, this article is no exaggeration. It really is in a dreadful state and has been for many years.

    However, as the engineers will know, it is not just a question of filling a few potholes. It will be a major road building job.

    Good for temporary job creation though.