Malaga welcomes The World

LAST UPDATED: 12 Mar, 2013 @ 15:39
Malaga welcomes The World

THE exclusive residential cruise ship The World has docked in Malaga port for the first time in five years.

The 644 foot vessel, which homes up to 165 residents and over 100 guests, will stay at the marina until tomorrow.

Following a trip to Gibraltar, passengers onboard the The World have the opportunity to see the sights of Malaga city before heading to Almeria on Wednesday.

The colossal ship, which has its route chosen by a residential vote, boasts 12 decks of apartments and is manned by a crew of over 250 people.

Also onboard The World is a grocery store, six restaurants, golf facilities and a gym.


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  1. Should this monstrosity of unbridled greed get into difficulties it should be allowed to sink – the ‘residents’ pay no taxes anywhere – ergo let them end up as fish food. Why should rescue services from any country risk their lives at their taxpayers expense, same goes for medical treatment that can’t be delivered onboard.

    Let’s hope they decide to get within reach of the Somali pirates then all the navies that police those waters of East Africa can stand,watch and laugh as the pirates take them for ransom – greed is not good and should be repaid in kind.

  2. So Stuart Crawford, to whom should they pay taxes?. And who is going to pay these global (and by definition, highly paid) tax ‘inspectors’?.

    You don’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor. You give them every opportunity and encouragement to spend it, however much one is inclined to question how they acquired it.

    And if they require protection on the high sea’s then it should be offered, at a price commensurate not only with the perceived threat but also the value of the ‘cargo’.