Crime rate drop in Andalucia

LAST UPDATED: 16 Nov, 2014 @ 17:00
Crime rate drop in Andalucia

THE crime rate in Andalucia has apparently dropped despite the recession.

According to new statistics the number of crimes has dropped by 5.1% on the same three month period last year.

Petty crimes are down by 7.5% while more serious offences have decreased by 2.4%.

Cadiz province came out on top with an 8.3% drop in offences and Malaga came second with 7.5%.

Other areas which have seen less crime this year are Almeria, Jaen and Granada.

Nationally, the total number of recorded crimes dropped by 2.5% with a decrease in murders from 106 to 78.

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  1. I agree with Dave, there’s a lot of crimes not reported. I don’t know where these statistics have come from, but on my planet , Elviria, there seems to be more crime than ever and less Police presence. I know, because I myself, was a victim of crime. On the 29th April I was mugged and robbed of a 1.2 carat diamond necklace. I was at an area where I always felt safe. Was even waiting for my husband to come out of the chemist. Being a pensioner, I had no chance, there were a gang of three in all, who had obviously been following me. The scumbag did not seem to be offended by being called a Bastard.

  2. Elizabeth, now make sure they don’t follow you home to get the Cartier watch. You can’t walk around with nice items on your person anymore. You may not have a Cartier but they don’t know that.

  3. No! I don’t have a Cartier. Yes, I am constantly looking over my shoulder, but they are always one step ahead of you. It’s the tourist’s I fear for and the reputation of coming to Spain on holiday.

  4. Elizabeth: They’re one step ahead of you because you’re always looking over your shoulder. Joking aside, If the Junkies can see it, they will go for it, all that matters is the next hit. It’s nothing new, my wife and I were mugged simultaneously by a group of hyenas in Plaza Real Barcelona back in ’99. The only thing on view was a simple gold chain around my wife’s neck. (I was collateral damage) This was in full view of a manned police portacabin a hundred metres away.
    As you have discovered, it only takes seconds and they’re gone. Sorry, but bling is a no-no.