VIDEO: Man tackles runaway bull on Malaga street

LAST UPDATED: 19 Jun, 2013 @ 13:58
VIDEO: Man tackles runaway bull on Malaga street

A MAN became an unwitting hero in Malaga, after he wrestled a 200kg bull to the ground in the middle of a busy road.

The beast had escaped from a truck and spent more than an hour wandering around the city streets and charging at vehicles.

Footage from a passer-by shows the bull stomping his hoof and bolting towards a car, while other drivers did their best to stay out of the angry animal’s way.

But the episode took a dramatic turn when one of the bull’s handlers enticed the animal towards him, and then wrestled it to the ground as it charged.

Holding the beast in a headlock, the man was then joined by passersby who helped subdue the animal until the National Police arrived.

A police spokesman told La Informacion that the unruly bull had rammed four vehicles and injured an officer before being captured and transported away.


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