Alleged Franco torturer discovered in Madrid

LAST UPDATED: 20 Oct, 2013 @ 14:51
Alleged Franco torturer discovered in Madrid

A MAN accused of torturing victims during the Franco-era has been found living a quiet life  in Madrid.

Antonio Gonzalez Pacheco was known as ‘Billy the Kid’ for his habit of using a gun to beat

Witnesses told stories of how Pacheco would tell his victims how much he enjoyed hurting

His depraved actions continued after the war when he joined an anti-terrorism unit, helping to fight the Basque separatist group, Eta.

Settling down in Madrid he now works for a private security firm, where he is said to remain
employed to this day.

Last month Argentine judge Maria Romilda Servinie de Cubria called for his extradition,
along with three other alleged Franco henchmen.

While two of his co-accused are now dead, Pacheco and another former police officer, Jesus
Munecas Aguilar, could now be summoned by Spanish authorities.

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  1. We need swift Spanish justice here. So a nice 5 year court case, a request for a 450 year sentence from the prosecution, and then an appeal for another year or two, and finally a non-custodial 2 year “prison sentence” should be just about perfect.

  2. @peter, my comment was rather a tongue in cheek response to Spain’s slow, pathetic, inefficient legal system, and not to any nationalist connections.

  3. Mine was not so tongue in cheek as I am increasingly concerned about the current government when I read articles like this.


  4. It’s never too late for a little pistol whipping. Maybe I’ve got an ‘old west’ mentality, living here in the Southwest of the US, but I say string him up.

  5. As these killers have done the dirty work for the various elites and know too much, they are always protected.

    Gestapo and ‘special section’ SS with Vatican passports. British soldiers responsible in Kenya for cold blooded murder of women and children and deliberately introducing viruses into detention camps which killed over 80,000.

    CIA death squads operating all over the world and when refused further funding for their ‘dirty ops’ in Vietnam set up heroin trafficking from the Golden Triangle – all these scum are living happily on generous pensions paid for by Joe Muggins – the tax payer.

    Forgot to mention NKVD/MI6/Stazi/Rhodesian Scouts – it goes on and on.