Do you remember the first time?

LAST UPDATED: 16 Jun, 2014 @ 12:49
Do you remember the first time?

THAT heavenly nectar of a wine you sipped on those balmy holiday evenings rarely tastes quite the same at home, does it?

Now, an Oxford University professor claims he can tell us why.

To enjoy a holiday wine at home you must recreate the environment in which you first tasted it, claims Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology.

He also found that the best way to serve drinks is in heavy glasses, not plastic cups or cans.

Lightness is associated with ‘cheapness’ and will change the flavour of even the most pricey beverages, claims Prof Spence, who has previously advised leading UK chef Heston Blumenthal, from the Fat Duck.

“We like heavy containers, we associate them with better quality – it has greater worth,” he said.

So, if your wine is in a reassuringly heavy bottle, be sure to pass it around the table before serving.


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