Rare owl saved by paddle surfer after seagull attack on Costa del Sol

LAST UPDATED: 19 Jul, 2014 @ 08:52
Rare owl saved by paddle surfer after seagull attack on Costa del Sol

A DROWNING owl has been miraculously saved by a paddle surfer off the Marbella coast.

The royal owl, a protected species in Spain, fell from the sky after it was attacked by a large gang of seagulls.

But in a strike of fortune, a nearby paddle boarder witnessed the owl plunging towards the water near the Puente Romano hotel breakwater.

He managed to scoop the bird, rarely seen in daylight, from the water and took it back to land on his paddle board.

Instead of being scared, the injured owl willingly accepted the ride back to shore, where its rescuer called the Recuperation Centre for Threatened Species (CREAS).

The bird, probably from the Sierra de Ojen mountain range inland form the Costa del Sol, was then taken away in a cardboard box to a centre for wounded animals.


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  1. If this was a human, they’d be asking for proof of residency and then and then a credit card before being taken to a hospital that doesn’t abide by the EU EHIC scheme and then ending up with a 30,000 euro bill lol.