Podemos announces massive display of ‘social muscle’ in Madrid

LAST UPDATED: 2 Dec, 2014 @ 17:43
Podemos announces massive display of ‘social muscle’ in Madrid

PODEMOS have announced a major demonstration in Madrid, to be held on January 31.

The demonstration is intended to demonstrate the extent of support the anti-corruption party have garnered in the city, and across the country.

It comes in response to claims among politicians and media groups that the party is not strong enough to cope with any real power.

Rafael Mayoral, the party’s secretary for relations with social movements, announced the decision, saying it is a call to those who identify with Podemos’ ideas and ideologies.

It is an invitation to those people to show their ‘desire for democratic change’, and to present a display of ‘social muscle’.

Mayoral added that Podemos believes that there are ‘important sectors of the population’ that support the party.

He said: “We want to create a space where these sectors can express their support, so we called the demonstration and call upon the social majority of the country to participate in it.”

More details about the demonstration will be announced.


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