World’s biggest tortilla record attempt rejected

LAST UPDATED: 10 Dec, 2014 @ 14:11
World’s biggest tortilla record attempt rejected

TORTILLA chefs in northern Spain have been left feeling flat as a pancake, after Guinness World Record chiefs squashed their record-breaking dreams.

Chefs in Vitoria fed 10,000 people with their gigantic omelette but the powers that be dismissed their record-breaking attempt because the dish was prepared by ‘precooking portions which were assembled like a puzzle’.

The attempt was made in August under the supervision of tortilla prize-winner Senen Gonzalez and after an autumn of anticipation the chefs have been left with their aprons between their legs.

The assembled tortilla used up a massive 1,600 kg of potatoes, 830 kg of eggs and 151 litres of olive oil.



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