Bistro with a sushi twist opens in Marbella’s Corte Ingles

LAST UPDATED: 28 Jan, 2015 @ 10:02
Bistro with a sushi twist opens in Marbella’s Corte Ingles

A TASTE of France with a sushi twist can now be found in Marbella’s El Corte Ingles shopping centre.

Le Bistroman boasts traditional French dishes and wines, a warm, friendly environment and a non-stop timetable.

Restaurateur Miguel Angel Garcia Marinelli has described it as his ‘most personal’ project in his 20-year career, by going back to his French roots.

Dishes include oysters, snails and mussels, full roasts, home-made croissants and eggs Benedict and everything else you would expect from a classic bistro.

The restaurant also has its own sushi menu, due to Marinelli’s experience as the director of three Asian restaurants.

On offer is a varied selection of classic sashimis (tuna, salmon and butterfish), makis and hosomakis to name a few.

Le Bistroman is open from 10am to 10pm from Monday to Saturday (Sundays and Bank Holidays according to the El Corte Ingles calendar).


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