Swans talent show stuns audience

LAST UPDATED: 27 Jan, 2015 @ 12:03
Swans talent show stuns audience

NERVES were running high at the annual Swans Talent show in the Little Swans Theatre.

The show, organised by year 12 students, included magicians, singers, ballet dancers, gymnasts, violinists and pianists.

Sisters Deborah and Sofia Miloradova, from year nine, stunned the audience with a beautiful ballet performance that took first prize.

Isabella Garston, from year six, came in second with her impressive gymnastics display, while third place was split between musical sisters Sara and Sofia Shvartzberg; and Honey Chaplain and Jessica Newton, who performed a song that they had written themselves.

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  1. Great performance Sofia Shvartzberg (violín) and her sister Sara Shvartzberg (piano) playing Gardel Tango “Por una Cabeza”. Amazing!