UPDATE: Stepfather admits he let three-year-old boy drown in Malaga reservoir

The judge has charged the 24-year-old with murder

LAST UPDATED: 13 Feb, 2015 @ 20:40

Step-father Antonio with partner and step-son
Step-father Antonio with partner

THE stepfather of the three-year-old boy found dead in a Malaga reservoir has admitted to letting the boy drown after a fight with the child’s mother.

Antonio Fernandez confessed to watching his stepson Alejandro drown to Guardia Civil officers in Rincon de la Victoria.

The judge at his hearing yesterday said: “Antonio did not taken the child out of the water and he watched him drown because he was angry at the child’s mother.”

Fernandez, 24, had previously given five false versions of the incident before leading officers to the child’s body.

At the hearing he refused to answer prosecutor’s questions and claimed he could not remember making his guilty statement.

He said that he was given a tranquillizer by police because he was having panic attacks and consequently he could not remember confessing.

However, the judge considered the statement to be enough evidence to charge him with murder and remand him to custody.


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